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Testo Smart Probes: professional and compact measuring instruments for your smartphone

Measuring is more productive and easier than ever with Testo Smart Probes, because compact instruments can be controlled wireless through Testo Smart Probes app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also carry your smarphone or tablet into the handy Testo Smart Case.

You will always have your measurement technology at hand.

What Smart Probes has to offer

  • A complete range of measuring instruments for temperature, pressure, humidity and airspeed
  • Handy kits for more important applications such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration measurements
  • Functioning and documentation entirely on Testo Smart Probes app


Smart Probes Testo Ramico Strumenti Misura Torino

How do Smart Probes work?

In a nutshell, Smart Probe is a measuring instrument for smartphone. Every compact measuring instrument makes a particular type of measurement. Testo 410i vane anemometer, for example, measures air speed. What these instruments have in common is that they are activated through Testo Smart Probes app.

Advantages of Testo Smart Probes app

Measuring with Testo Smart Probes app has a lot of advantages:

– It works regardless of your location
It permits control and visualization of the measured values completely via App and wireless – even at a great distance from the measuring instruments.

– Smart documentation with data dispatch
Reports of the measured values can be completed with photos and sent as PDF or Excel file while you’re still at your workplace.

– Display of the measured values
You can visualize up to six Smart Probes simultaneously. It is really helpful for example if you need to compare different pressures and temperature into the refrigeration systems.

– All measured values are immediately visible
The app shows quickly any changes in the measured values in the shape of charts and graphs.

– Saved settings for special applications

  • Automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures, as well as overheating and undercooling temperatures
  • Flowrate measurements into the conduits/on the vents
  • Contactless infrared temperature measurement with rapid image documentation, including the measured value and the delimitation of the measurement area
Smart Probes Testo Ramico Strumenti Misura Torino